Q:【K1 Baby iSwim】What to do if it cannot be switched on?

A: Press Power button for one time and press it again for 2 seconds long until it gets switched on; if it’s dead, please charge it before switching on.

Q:【K1 Baby iSwim】Will Baby iSwim, the swimming ring, get turned over?

A: It adopts double-ring design for avoiding turnover, largely enhancing the security level.

Q:【K1 Baby iSwim】How long does it last?

A: Running at lowest speed can last 60mins

Q:【K1 Baby iSwim】What’s the fastest speed?

A: 0.6m/s

Q:【K1 Baby iSwim】Will there be any electric leakage?

A: There’s a built-in protective plate in battery, monitoring and checking electric leakage anytime. If there are any unexpected circumstances, it will be automatically switched off.

Q:【K1 Baby iSwim】Why does the joystick going back to the middle make Baby iSwim stop?

A: Use remote control to change the mode

Q:【K1 Baby iSwim】How can it stop playing the music?

A: Keep pressing the music button on the panel to make it stop.

Q: 【AEF】How to control the speed?

A: The speed-down and speed-up buttons are on the left and right handles respectively.

Q: 【AEF】Do I have to assemble the product?

A: No, open the box and play it then.

Q: 【AEF】Can it be used as a life buoy? 

A: The product can float on the water and be used as a kickboard, however, rescue operation is not suggested.

Q: 【AEF】Is it suitable for my kid(s) in the family?

A: K1 is recommended for 3~7 years old, AEF is recommended for 8-year old and above. However, users under 14 years old are advised to use the product with their parents.

Q: 【AEF】Is it easy for a beginner to get started?

A: It is suggested to practice in the still water firstly, then you will become a quick learner.

Q: 【AEF】Does water seepage cause a short circuit of the battery?

A: The product is with IP68 waterproofing standard, please don’t worry about this issue.

Q: 【AEF】Do the waves affect the product when playing?

A: The product is with anti-turnover design to the wind and wave, please don’t worry.  

Q: 【AEF】Is a non-swimmer able to use?

A: Yes, please take safety precautions in advance, however, the product can not be used as a life-saving equipment.

Q: 【AEF】If the product is running out of battery power during use, will it have a reminder? What happens if there's no power at all?

A: The product has the low-power warning function. For your safety, it is recommended not to drive too far from the coastline and try to return within the battery life.

Q: 【AEF】Will the color of the product change if it is soaked in seawater for a long time?

A: Normal use will not, but the product may produce color aberration if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, good protection for the product is suggested.

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